A B2B company from Kaohsiung, Caware develop cartridges for water-filters. We improved their brand and digital presence so that they could engage with larger clients and raise their profile from a manufacturer to a trusted partner.


A key part of the project was developing a new brand identity that could appeal to larger international clients and earn their trust so as to make large B2B purchases. We then worked with Caware to identify the various touch-points that potential customers may have with them, and ensure consistent branding across them.


A logo design that gives a feeling of how the water flows.

Web Design

As an OEM/ODM manufacturer, Caware has a lot of products. One of the goals for the website was to make searching and filtering as easy as possible. Of course the site was also developed along modern RWD practices and following the new CIS.


We helped Caware with design for their stand at the Amsterdam AquaTech exhibition. We supported this with a highly focussed digital marketing campaign to increase their visibility at the event and announce their new brand.