4 Reasons Why You Need SEO

01. Intro

What is SEO?

Before we get onto Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in Taiwan in more detail, let’s take step back and consider SEO in general. A marketing discipline that is focused on generating traffic and visibility through organic search engine results, SEO is about creating both online content and structure that will help improve rankings and drive more and better traffic to your website. Simply put, SEO is about making your website search-engine friendly.

Here are our top four reasons why your business needs to engage in SEO.

1. Reach customers at the right time.

It’s very simple really. When you search for something on Google, you are actively looking for it – you’re in the market for it and your intention is perfectly clear. Do you have the same mentality when you spend time on social media? No! Advertising on social media can be like advertising to someone in a bar. They are there to socialise – even if they like your product, they are most likely not in the right frame of mind to think about purchasing it. With good SEO you reach the right people, at the right time.

2.SEO increases visibility and/or sales.

SEO is not just about ranking high in search engines – SEO goals must be closely tied to the objectives of your business. Specifically, you can use SEO to build and manage your brand, or to generate sales. When we carry out a sales focused SEO campaign, we always begin by looking at past data – which keywords are profitable for your business? If past data is not available, we advise running a brief Google Adwords campaign to learn this. Armed with this information, we are then able to make an informed decision about which direction your SEO strategy should go in. If your goal is to build or manage your brand online, this can also be achieved through SEO. For example, a brand that is receiving negative publicity online can manage this and spin it in a more positive light through SEO, or a new brand may be able to set themselves up as a serious new player in the industry by making comparisons with existing brands.

3. The effect of SEO is long-lasting.

We like to think of Google Adwords as a small boat, and SEO as a tanker ship. With Adwords you are able to stop, start and change directions quickly. SEO takes a long time to start or change directions, but when it’s moving it is very difficult to stop! An SEO campaign will typically take something like 6 months to see results, but those results, given a bit of upkeep, will keep on coming. With Adwords, the traffic dies as soon as you stop paying. Both methods are entirely valid, but should be used for different reasons.

4. It’s just good practice!

Search engines want their users to be happy and use their services again, and to do this they need to provide users with the best search result possible. Here, ‘best’ means a great user experience, relevant high quality content, and a trustworthy website. Link building is now, in effect, online PR – the links you build should be from relevant, trustworthy sites where your potential customers may be spending time. This forms the basis of modern SEO – isn’t this something that you would want to be doing, even if it didn’t affect rankings?