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Marine Harvest, the world’s largest producer of Atlantic salmon with 30% market share, turned to us for strategic, design and branding support in their entry into Asia.


Supreme Salmon


Supreme Salmon





Marine Harvest commissioned six leading agencies from around the world to pitch for the project, and settled on us for strategic, design and branding support. The challenge was to help educate Asian consumers about Western ways of eating Salmon, while at the same time making the new brand synonymous with this approach.


Store Placement

Our strategy was to create a foothold in Asia by launching in Taiwan with a chain of six restaurants designed to increase brand awareness and educate the public about alternative ways of eating salmon.


With the Target Audience defined as affluent young parents, the new brand identity needed to represent both a fresh and healthy product, while also conveying an idea of simplicity and modernity. Our idea for the logo came from matching the shape of people’s smiles to that of a jumping salmon.

Supreme Salmon’s products are now featured in many leading supermarkets across Taiwan, and they are preparing for a launch into Mainland China and further afield.

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