LinkedIn Advertising

LinkedIn advertising is especially effective in B2B situations. Find out how we can help you to grow your business with LinkedIn advertising.

01. Intro

Did you know that LinkedIn has its own advertising platform? Even if you’re not a frequent LinkedIn user, you probably know of it as a very good platform for business networking and career purposes. LinkedIn advertising tends to be overlooked, even by some of the most experienced marketers.

Although it’s often underrated, when used right, LinkedIn can be a very effective part of your social media marketing and PPC advertising campaigns. LinkedIn allows you to efficiently drive highly targeted traffic to your site and boost overall conversions, and is especially effective in B2B situations.

02. How LinkedIn Advertising Works

It’s no surprise that because of the nature of LinkedIn as a social media platform and how it works that many people immediately jump to the conclusion that there’s no way advertising via LinkedIn would be profitable. On the contrary, advertising via LinkedIn is actually much more powerful than people give it credit for.

Although not nearly as big as Google or Facebook, LinkedIn still offers you considerable reach in the form of over 250 million members all over the world. Just like Google Adwords and Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Advertising has its own unique way to reaching your target audience via demographics.

As previously mentioned, LinkedIn is heavily focused on business and career connections, so use that to your advantage. Create ads that are going to resonate with business professionals by offering them something of value that provides a solution to a problem or pain point.

03. Your First LinkedIn Ad

In order to start advertising on LinkedIn, head over to LinkedIn Marketing Solutions and select Create Ad. You’ll be directed to a Campaign Manager where you can choose between three different options, Sponsored Content, Text Ads, and Sponsored InMail.


  • Sponsored Content: This works similarly to Facebook’s sponsored posts where ads appear right in the middle of your News Feed. As such, LinkedIn’s Sponsored Content shows up in the user’s LinkedIn Feed and appears as a regular post. This is great for getting content out there and having it reach a larger audience.


  • Text Ads: Again, just like Facebook’s sponsored sidebar ads, LinkedIn’s Text Ads also appear in the sidebar with a preview image and text. Though as the name indicates, the text portion of the ad takes precedence over the image. These ads are especially effective for grabbing attention quick and giving users a fast and easy way to find you.


  • Sponsored InMail: Now this is where we part ways from Google Adwords and Facebook Ads. Sponsored InMail is a unique feature that allows you to send customized messages straight to your prospects. This allows for a more personal touch and gives you a stage to actually say what you want to say without worrying about losing them mid-sentence.

Now it’s time to set up your campaign! Once you’ve established the type of ad you’d like to run, you can proceed to flesh out the details. Write up a unique and captivating headline to pique the user’s interest and curiosity. Follow that up with body content that elaborates more on your headline and further incentives the user to click on your ad.

Here at Gremlin Works, we possess all the necessary tools and skills to swiftly set up your first LinkedIn advertising campaign for you and run it efficiently for optimal results. Especially if you’re stumped with what content you should be using in order to really grab your audience’s attention. You’ll have ads that are visually stunning, clearly conveys your message, and most importantly, drastically increases traffic, brand awareness, and sales while maintaining low costs.

So now that you know how to set up a LinkedIn advertising campaign, what can you do to actually get it working for you in a way that maximizes results? You’ll be happy to know that using the below tricks and tips can really make quite the difference.

04. Targeting

For LinkedIn advertising, this is definitely one of the single most important objectives that you simply cannot afford to overlook. Put in the time and effort to really do your homework so that you know exactly who you should be targeting. This actually begins from your business more so than the ad. If you already have a strong understanding of who your business’s target audience consists of, that’s great. If not, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We’ll perform elaborate industry and niche research to acquire the information and data you need to outperform your competitors.

Location: Depending on your target audience, you have the option to only show your ads to people from the specified locations of your choice.

Specific targeting criteria: As you know, LinkedIn is a place primarily for career and business professionals. So apply that to your target audience. What industry do they work in? What are their job titles? What did they study in school? These are just a few of the criteria that you can customize to zero in on your target demographic. This feature alone gives LinkedIn an advantage over other PPC advertising platforms in the sense that it allows you to really hyperfocus on very specific groups of people.

05. Types of ads

As mentioned earlier, you can choose between three different types of ads, sponsored content, text ads, and sponsored inmail. All three of these options have areas where they excel and some where they lack in comparison to their alternatives. For this comparison, we’re just going to be using sponsored content and text ads as they are the two major options, though sponsored inmail also has its own unique advantages.

Sponsored content ads are great for promoting content that can be easily inserted into the user’s news feed so as to seamlessly integrate into their user experience. This may not stand out as much as text ads, but the idea is to get your ad seen without disrupting the user while they’re scrolling through posts. The reason why this works so well with LinkedIn is because unlike other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, there’s not that much “fluff” on your news feed. As a result, your content is much more likely to not only be viewed, but even read.

Text ads, on the other hand, appear in the right sidebar so they stand out a little bit more as ads than sponsored content. If anything, the downside to text ads is that they don’t integrate into user experience as well as sponsored content ads. But the increased visibility and exposure more than makes up for this shortcoming. By the same token, sponsored content loses out to text ads in terms of visibility but is also less disruptive. Both are strong in their own right, it just depends on what type of content you want to promote and what your goals are.

  • Killer headlines: With LinkedIn advertising, you’ll want to make sure those headlines of yours are as strong and impactful as possible. Think very carefully about your target audience and what exactly it is that they want to see. Your headline needs to be unique and powerful enough to immediately grab the user’s attention and get them to turn their heads. Once they do, there’s a much higher chance that they’ll actually take the time to read through the rest of your ad and convert into a subscriber or a sale.
  • Pick the right image: Just like with the headline, choose an appropriate image for your ads. Grab their attention using a stunning visual that’s both aesthetically appealing and ideally relevant to your ad and keep it where you want it. You can really play around with different images until you decide on what approach you want to take for your ad.
  • Make a compelling argument: Alright, so you’ve successfully won over your target audience’s attention but does it end there? Of course not! Now’s the chance to strike the iron while it’s hot and bring them into your sales funnel. Once you’ve got a user’s attention, you want to guide them to wherever your target URL is, whether it be your website, a landing page, or your LinkedIn business page. Keep it short, sweet and simple but make sure that you include enough incentive for them to follow through.
  • Don’t be afraid to change things up: Think outside the box and try to work your way towards creating ads that are truly different and unique, even going so far as to try out different ideas and changing up their formats, content, or images. Users want to be awed and won over, not simply seeing the same content over and over. Remember, users are well aware that these are all ads. So unless your ads are really special or offer value that your prospect simply can’t refuse, they’ll simply be ignored without a second glance.


06. Get Started

LinkedIn is a great platform that doesn’t get the respect or use that it deserves, making it the perfect place to try it out as your new go-to PPC advertising platform. With Gremlin Works, you’ll get the traffic and conversions pouring in while maintaining a high ROI and maximum efficiency. This way, you’ll get you desired results right away without having to spend time building up your site’s SEO. If you want to get on the fast-track to establishing your business as a credible and reputable brand in your industry, we’ve got you covered!