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ICHA came to us with the idea of becoming the ‘Starbucks of tea’ in China.  As this is one of the most competitive markets in the world’s most populous country, this was no small challenge.



Branding, Interior Design


With higher disposable incomes and fears over the quality of cheaper products, Chinese consumers are increasingly drawn to quality brands. With simple, yet classic branding that set them apart from the pack, we helped position ICHA as purveyors of high-end tea products.

We put together a full set of storefront, packaging, website and branding designs to ensure that consumers receive quality, consistent messaging from start to finish. We tried to bring a little of the ‘art’ of making tea into the experience.


ICHA’s new look has served them well, they are expanding quickly and their brand is now well recognized across China. They are planning to IPO in 2017.

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